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2017 Ohio Stingrays Fall Classic Showcase


Saturday October 14th & Sunday October 15th, 2017

The weather line number will be listed one week before the showcase starts.

Pickerington Central Softball Complex (4 playing fields)
300 Opportunity Way
Pickerington, OH 43147-1296

Pickerington North Softball Complex (4 playing fields)
7800 Refugee Road
Pickerington, OH 43147-7987

(32) teams total - (16) teams at each playing site - 14U (2021 only HS grad teams), 16U & 18U age eligible teams based on the 2017/2018 playing year - no age group protection.

For 18U teams, ~75% of your roster must be 2019 HS grads or younger.

For 14U teams, ~60% of your roster must be 2021 HS grads.

Each team will play (5) games total - (3) games on Saturday & (2) games on Sunday
Saturday - first games start @ 9:00 am, last games start @ 4:30 pm
Sunday - first games start @ 9:00 am, last games start @ 1:30 pm

All games will have (2) umpires.

$650 - the entry fee must be a personal check or money order made out to "Ohio Stingrays". Entry fees are required by September 16.

All teams must leave a hard copy of their insurance at check-in. All head coaches must leave a hard copy of their NFHS concussion training certificate as outlined by Ohio House Bill 143.

This showcase is an open roster event - coaches will not be asked for a roster at check-in. However, because there are age limits associated with 14U and 18U teams, coaches will need roster proof at the time of aceptance.

The Pickerington Local School District will have a one-time $10 gate fee for the weekend. Children under 6 are free and each team will receive 3 coach passes. The Ohio Stingrays have no control over this and will receive no revenue from the gate fee.

Parking at the Pickerington Central and North Softball Complexes is free.

This showcase is a Junior Olympic event and as such, excessive behavior and the use of profanity by any adult or player will lead to ejection from the playing site and could lead to denial of entry for their team the following year.

The use of alcohol by any attendee is strictly prohibited at the Pickerington Central and North Softball Complexes. Any person caught with or using alcohol will be ejected from the playing site and their team will not be invited back the following year.

Smoking is prohibited at the Pickerington Central and North Softball Complexes.

Concessions will be available at both playing sites - coolers can be brought into both playing sites.

Pets are not allowed inside the Pickerington Central and North Softball Complexes.

Indoor restrooms are provided at the Pickerington Central Softball Complex. Portable sanitation is provided at the Pickerington North Softball Complex.

The Pickerington Central and North Softball Complexes have permanent home run fences.

The Ohio Stingrays will supply dedicated labor at both playing sites to hand rake and re-line (batter's box, pitcher's circle, foul lines) all fields before every game.

The Showcase Committee can and will control as many aspects as possible to insure that your team has the best playing experience possible, but weather is not one of them. In the event of inclement weather, the Showcase Committee and the Pickerington Central and North Softball Complex staffs will do their very best to get all games in. But you are applying to the tournament realizing that the Showcase Committee reserves the right to alter this event in any manner fit to accomplish the mission of showcasing the softball athletes with the maximum number of games possible under the circumstances. Coaches will receive a rain line phone number at check-in.

Umpires will make the decision on when to come off the fields in the event of rain. Lightning will be automatic cause for suspending play for (30) minutes. Pickerington Central and Pickerington North will control the decision on when labor can be used on the fields to get them back in playing shape. The Showcase Committee will control the decision on any adjustments to the playing schedule. The following will be available in the event of inclement weather:

Field Dry - purchased by the Ohio Stingrays and stored at the playing sites

Labor - Stingrays parents as needed in addition to the field maintenance staff.

If the showcase is rained out in its entirety, refunds will be based on:

(Entry Fees minus Non-Recoverable Costs minus Games Played) divided by (Paid Entries)

Every inclement weather situation is impossible to predict and create a refund policy for. The Showcase Committee will make every attempt to be fair to teams that are not able to complete their 5-game minimum, but will not be able to define refund formulas for these situations beforehand. Please allow (2) to (4) weeks for an inclement weather refund.

Rudy Zych (

Ohio Stingrays
94 Montrose Way
Columbus, OH 43214

1.   Indy Crush Johnson 16U
2.   Ohio Hawks Gold Lenos 16U
3.   Ohio Stingrays Griffin 18U
4.   Ohio Storm Fiorilli 16U
5.   Finesse Fastpitch Blackswamp 16U
6.   Lady Lasers White 16U
7.   Ohio Wolfpack Black 16U
8.   Outlaws Premier WV Lucas
9.   Indiana Shockwaves Rayman 16U
10. Ohio Hawks Gold Hutchinson 16U
11. Ohio Stingrays Thompson 16U
12. Turnin2 Mirabelli 16U
13. Lady Lasers Silver 16U
14. Ohio Wolfpack Dudek 16U
15. Road Runner Elite 18U
16. Steel City Select Gold 16U
17. Indiana Fusion Elite 16U
18. Ohio Ice Gray 16U
19. Ohio Stingrays Mattix 16U
20. WV Lady 'Eers
21. Cincy DOOM Leiter 16U
22. Louisville Cyclones 16U
23. Outlaws Premier OH Schmeiser 14U
24. Team PA Kocur 14U
25. Indiana Gators Elite 16U
26. Lady Lasers Green 16U
27. Ohio Stingrays Marcum 16U
28. Pittsburgh Spirit LeViere 16U
29. Cincy DOOM Gold Gregory 18U
30. Ohio Emeralds Johnson 16U
31. Outlaws Premier PA Hoffner 14U
32. Team PA Sroka 16U

Playing information for the 2017 Ohio Stingrays Fall Classic Showcase can be downloaded by clicking the links below.

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