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Stingray Alumni

Name Stingray Team Year College or University Status
Emily O'Dee Thompson 2021 Bellarmine University Verbally Committed
Paige Alford Thompson 2021 Charleston University Verbally Committed
Kenzie Hilling Thopmson 2021 Bucknell University Verbally Committed
Sara Tailford Thompson 2021 Indiana University of Pennsylvania Verbally Committed
Lindsey Potter Mattix 2020 Ohio State Universty Committed
Hannah Duncan Thompson 2020 Cleveland State University Verbally Committed
Kayari Suganuma Marcum 2020 Hillsdale College Verbally Committed
Leah Potter Thompson 2020 Urbana University Verbally Committed
Bryn Elliott Mattix 2020 Walsh University Committed
Payton Cox Thompson 2020 Boston College Verbally Committed
Alyson Quinlan Thompson 2020 IPFW Verbally Committed
Makayla "Okie" Jauregui Thompson 2020 Oakland University Verbally Committed
Alyssa Back Thompson 2020 Ohio Wesleyan University Verbally Committed
Kirsten Kracht Thompson 2020 Heidelberg University Verbally Committed
McKenzie Bump Mattix 2020 Ohio State University Verbally Committed
Cami Compson Thompson 2020 Wright State University Verbally Committed
Kali Brickman Marcum 2020 Rio Grande University Verbally Committed
Brianna Mccown Thompson 2020 Marshall University Verbally Committed
Haylee Frost Mattix 2019 Ashland University Committed
Payton Gottshall Mattix 2019 UT Martin Committed
Kait Briggs Marcum 2019 University of Findlay Committed
Megan Pentz Marcum 2019 Mount Vernon Nazarene University Committed
Hope Straight Marcum 2019 Ohio State University Committed
Lanie white Mattix 2019 Indiana Purdue Ft Wayne Committed
Macee Marcum Marcum 2019 Cleveland State university Committed
Ash Fite Mattix 2019 Urbana State University Committed
McKinley Alberts Marcum 2019 Urbana University Committed
Sarah Moats Marcum 2019 Charleston Southern University Verbally Committed
Lexie Mattix Mattix 2019 Urbana University Committed
Lauren Griffith Griffin 2018 Oakland University Committed
Dani Hall Griffin 2018 Eastern Michigan University Committed
Rachel Orr Marcum 2018 West Point Academy Committed
Lexie Hilling Marcum 2018 Wright State University Committed
Kate Loughman Marcum 2018 Walsh University Committed
Baylee Hobeika Marcum 2018 Thomas More College Committed
McKenna Saunders Marcum 2018 Colgate Committed
Hanna Griffin Griffin 2018 Cleveland State Committed
Meredith Keel Griffin 2018 Write State University Committed
Hallie Bennett Marcum 2018 Ashland University Committed
Shelby Tracy Griffin 2018 Belmont Abbey College Committed
Carly Turner Griffin 2018 University of Charleston (WV) Committed
Taylor Duncan Marcum 2018 Cleveland State University Committed
Jessica Rock Griffin 2017 Walsh University Committed
Faith Bogard Theophilus 2017 Tiffin University Verbally Committed
Alexandera Depue Dickson 2017 Walsh University Committed
Aimee Duckworth Dickson 2017 Ohio Wesleyan University Verbally Committed
Abby Ehrenborg Griffin 2017 University of Dayton Verbally Committed
Mackenzie Soma White 2017 Wright State University Verbally Committed
Mikayla Newland Griffin 2017 Akron University Verbally Committed
Alyssa Jauregui Griffin 2017 Lemoyne College Verbally Committed
Madi Drabick Dickson 2017 Ohio Wesleyan University Committed
Kalle Colemen White 2017 Morehead State University Verbally Committed
Lexi Swafford Tamanini 2016 West Point Player
Hanna Howery Theophilus 2016 Mercey College Player
Hannah Futo Tamanini 2016 Fairfield College
Sam Kilbane Theophilus 2016 Liberty Player
Parker Conrad Tamanini 2016 University of Missouri
Vega Theophilus Theophilus 2016 Northern Kentucky Player
Erin McConnell Theiophilus 2016 Muskingham Player
Sam Vincent Theophilus 2015 Emory - GA.
Kori Locke Theophilus 2015 Wheeling Jesuit
Lexi Rahach Tamanini 2015 Coastal Carolina University
Salwa Al-Hajabed Theophilus 2015 University of Toledo
Mackenzie Shellnutt Tamanini 2014 University of North Greenville
Emily Blackmore Tamanini 2014 Ava Maria Univ
Savannah Young Tamanini 2014 Holy Cross
Abigale Groseclose Tamanini 2014 Case Western Reserve
Kristin Staley Tamanini 2014 Flagler Univ
Ashley Sharpe Tamanini 2014 Indianapolis Univ.
Emily Clark Leedy 2014 Ohio State University Player
Deanna Stirtzinger Tamanini 2014 Ava Maria Univ
Taylor Stimson Tamaninni 2014 St Johns Univ
Brooke Meyer Tamanini 2013 Ohio Dominican University
Sommer Mark Tamanini 2013 Ohio Dominican University
Taylor Dickson Wiley 2013 Ohio Wesleyan University Verbally Committed
Kelsi Thompson Wiley 2013 Wheeling Jesuit Verbally Committed
Brynna Cahill Wiley 2013 Muskingum University Verbally Committed
Taylor Saxton Wiley 2012 Ohio University Verbally Committed
Kayley Bevard Pohlman 2011 Muskingum College Verbally Committed
Alyssa Patznick Pohlman 2011 Capital University Verbally Committed
Brayan Gault Pohlman 2011 Muskingum University (OH) Verbally Committed
Shelby Engle Morman 2011 Georgetown University Committed
Katie Ardrey Pohlman 2011 Hillsdale College (MI) Committed
Stephanie Byrne Marcum / Morman 2011 Malone University Verbally Committed
Alexis Williams Marcum 2011 College of Saint Rose (Albany, New York) Verbally Committed
Brooke Warner Pohlman 2011 Ohio Wesleyan University Verbally Committed
Jess Day Pohlman 2011 Hillsdale College Verbally Committed
Megan Turner Marcum / Stuart 2011 Notre Dame Ohio Verbally Committed
Nikki Grambo Morman 2011 Salem International Verbally Committed
Jess Gall Marcum 2010 Rio Grande University Committed
Victoria Queen Marcum 2010 Rio Grande University Committed
Jamie Litzke Morman 2010 Otterbein College Player
Kaitlyn Houck Morman 2010 Tiffin University Player
Kylee Marcum Marcum 2010 West Liberty State University Verbally Committed
Kayleigh McCormick Pohlman / Marcum 2009 University of Charleston, WV Committed
Lainee Clay Marcum 2009 Ferris State Committed
Chelsea Chaffin Marcum 2009 Marettia College Player
Kayla Leash Pohlman 2009 Fairmont State University (WV) Committed
Brooke Byrne Marcum 2009 Wilmington College Player
Elizabeth Hrach Marcum 2009 Muskingum College Verbally Committed
Layne Carpenter Pohlman 2009 Westminster College (PA) Committed
Delaney Childers Marcum 2009 Dominicam College (New York) Committed
Chelsea Toler Housh 2009 Northern Kentucky
Tori Brown Pohlman 2009 Valparairo University Player
Ris McDaniel Marcum 2009 Marietta College Player
Morgan Hall Pohlman 2009 Ohio Weslyan University Committed
Courtney Gossman Marcum 2009 Cleveland State University Verbally Committed
Rachel Pohlman Pohlman 2009 Wllmington College Committed
Emily Manahan Pohlman / Marcum 2008 Bluffton University Verbally Committed
Tieana Steele Marcum 2008 Urbana University Committed
Bailee Marcum Marcum 2008 West Liberty State Player
Robin Nelson Marcum 2008 Marietta Verbally Committed
Amanda Meyer Pohlman 2008 Bellarmine University Verbally Committed
Brooke Gates Marcum 2008 University of Toledo Verbally Committed
Alyson Mills Pohlman 2008 Rio Grande Committed
Alyssa See Marcum 2008 Geroge Mason Verbally Committed
Samm Melvin Pohlman 2008 University of Rochster Committed
Rachel Proehl Marcum 2008 Bowling Green University Committed
Lindsey Gustine King 2007 Wheeling Jesuit / University of Indianapolis Player
Michelle Sabelhaus King 2007 University of Charleston Player
Taco Brown King 2007 University of Dayton Player
Chelsea Toler King 2007 Northern Kentucky University Player
Hilary King King 2007 Rutgers / George Washington Player
Kimbo Williams King 2007 University of Delaware / Miami University (OH) Player
Adie King King 2007 University of Dayton Player
Dani Gore Marcum 2007 Ohio Dominican University Player
Claire Horstman King 2007 Bellarmine University Player
Kaitlyn Kitzler King 2007 Miami University (OH) Player
Mary Margaret Boda King 2007 Muskingum College Player
Emily Phillips King 2007 SUNY Binghamton Player
Cheryl Cale Housh 2006 Youngstown State University Player
Emily Windle (Halpin) Chambers / Fish Capital University Player
Heidi Pease Chambers / Fish University of Dayton Player
Gabrielle Burns Ward Kent State University Player
Kaitlyn Carney Mattix Ashland University Verbally Committed
Caleigh Hortman Ward Morehead State University Player
Hope Bondurant Allum University of Pikeville (Pikeville, KY) Committed
Leah Ledford Ward Ohio State University Player
Bree Kilgus Capital University
Amanda Thomas Ward Ashland University Player
Lori Black Kazimer Ashland University Player
Summer Adkins Kazimer Cleveland State University Player
Danielle Wolgamot Cedarville University
Susie Chambers Chambers / Fish Cumberland University Player
Tammy McCune Chambers / Fish University of Dayton Player
Jenny Mitchum Chambers / Fish Miami University (OH) Player
Alyssa Childers Ward Fairmount State University Player
Chloe Barton Mattix University Northwestern Ohio Verbally Committed
Nikki Brooks Ward Ohio University Player
Jamie Brogan Fish / Chambers Capital University Player
Danielle Thomas Ward Ohio Dominican University Player
Emma Cornell Faulkner University Player
Dana Wheeler Ward Liberty University Player
Lisa Gustine Kazimer Urbana University Player
Courtney Piar Kazimer Canisius College Player
Kylie Timbrook Wilmington College
Erin Gibbs Chambers / Fish Capital University Player
Erica McNamee Chambers / Fish Capital University Player
Lisa Beavers Chambers / Fish Eastern Michigan University Player
Olivia Pelfrey Thompson Cleveland State University Verbally Committed
Corey Houk Ward Kent State University Player
Jade Espinosa Mattix Charlston University Verbally Committed
Kristie Rausch Ward Fairmount State University Player
Courtney Cannon Ward Ohio State University Player
Anna Myers Notre Dame College
Rachel Ellis Ward Cleveland State University Player
Megan Piar Kazimer Oakland University (Mich.) Player
Whitney Piar Kazimer Cumberland University Player
Ellen Jones Northwesten Committed
Cassie Cunningham Chambers / Fish Capital University Player
Hope Bondurant University of Pikeville
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